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Lounge Suits

Over the past 18 months we have seen a steep rise in the popularity of lounge suits as the choice of wedding wear. To accommodate this surge in demand we are able to offer a range of colours and styles and different fits to suit all sizes and tastes. In some of the suits the cloth types also follow the tailcoats so can be used in conjunction with or instead of to allow you to add something different to your wedding.

Royal Blue Mohair Lounge Suit

Silver Grey Mohair Lounge Suit

Charcoal Grey Mohair Lounge Suit

Blue Slim Fit Suit

Light Blue Lounge Suit

Light Grey Lounge Suit

Beige Mohair Lounge Suit



Enhance your experience with our superb range of suits in a variety of different cloths, styles, colours and sizes to fit all. Whether you want to purchase or hire or a combination of both, we will have something modern, traditional, trendy, casual and sophisticated to suit all requirements.


In this business we know that you pay for what you get. With this in mind we can offer quality suits at a very reasonable, competitive cost. We don’t offer fixed package deal prices as each customer is individual and there are many different combinations of suits at varying prices. Whether you are looking to hire or buy a shirt or the full outfit, we can make the process easy and affordable.


Our friendly and experienced staff will guide you through all the options we have available for whatever event you are going to. Nothing is too big or small our goal is to make you look your best on the day. We can also offer a range of tailoring services as required.