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The must have accessory to any wedding outfit. Just as important as the suit itself, the waistcoat will be on show and therefore choosing the right one is extremely important. At Tuxedo Junction we have a fantastic range for you to choose from covering all possibilities of style and colour, from tweeds to scoop to double breasted. All waistcoat options shown are for hire or purchase.

Tweed Autumn Red

Tweed Charcoal Blue

Tweed Gold Lagoon

Tweed Violet

Tweed Pink

Henry Airforce

Panama Light Blue

Dove Grey

Curtis Silver

Oliver Silver


Navy Lightweight

Boston Mint

Light Grey

Royal Blue Lightweight

Light Blue


Brown Check Tweed

Collingham Ivory

Navy Check Tweed

Fantasy Lilac

Finesse White

Grosvenor Ivory

Molton Ivory

Molton Silver

Moonlight Grey

Moonlight Ivory

Moonlight Silver

Iowa Silver

Iowa Ivory

Iowa Gold

Mexico Coffee

Mexico Blue

Mexico Champagne

Mexico Ivory

Mexico Lilac

Mexico Pink

Rene Peach

Rene Blue

Rene Ivory

Rene Fuchsia

Rene Lemon

Rene Aubergine

Rene Teal

Rumours Ivory

Rumours Gold

Rene Wine

Rene Blue

Rumours Lilac

Rumours Amethyst

Rene Black

Rumours Silver

Rumours White